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Insights helped in gaining confidence. I was constantly motivated to study and my writing skills were polished through tests. I got the best guidance here after my earlier trials and errors. I improved in essay and GS answers by getting personal feedback at Insight.Thanks for addressing queries and giving personal feedback whenever I needed them.

- Nandini,

Rank 1, CSE 2016

Second most important thing I feel is evaluating oneself in course of preparation, understand your strengths and weakness, & work over it. For instance , after my first attempt I faced difficulty in getting good marks in my optional and decided to change it. After my second attempt I felt that I seriously need to work hard on GS part as well, thereby I joined Insights offline test series for Answer Writing practice, which I found to be a game changer in this journey from Rank 575 to Rank 3.

- Sachin Gupta,

Rank-3 UPSC CSE-2017

Insights prelims tests series, detailed topic analysis, mains test series, daily current affairs, case studies, Insights links to topics in Secure Initiative helped me a lot.

- Bilal Mohiuddin Bhat,

Rank 10, CSE 2016

I depended upon Insights for my preparation. It is better to refer to some notes or source given at insights. Not only did I regularly wrote answers and took the test series, but I also benefitted from toppers’ articles as well as motivational write ups. If I could maintain consistency in my preparation, it was mainly because of Insightsonindia initiatives.

- Tejaswi Rana,

Rank 12, CSE 2016

Insights answers and reference articles that they post for answer writing helped me a lot to shape my mains answers. Secure compilation provided valuable fodder material for my mains answers. Insights made the job very easy to prepare facts and opinions for mains answers.

- Dinesh Kumar C,

Rank 24, CSE 2016

I’d be forever indebted to Insights for guidance not just in terms of the Exam related stuff that it provides but also vis-a-vis the Motivation that it provides while you’re traversing on this journey.

- Miranth Parikh,

Rank 24, CSE 2016

Mains requires art of writing answers to articulate your knowledge. I followed Insights for answer writing practice. Answer writing in itself is a process of accumulation of knowledge as when you compare your answers with the model answers, you will get one or two new points. And thus, it will add up to your knowledge. By this process a large number of topics will get prepared.

- Pratap Singh,

Rank 52, CSE 2016

I wrote Insights essays which helped. Thanks to Insights for their constant guidance which has been one of the key reasons behind my success.

- Manuj Jindal,

Rank 53, CSE 2016

I subscribed to Insights Mains Test Series. I framed an outline of answer and checked whether I could address all aspects in given time

- Dr. Nandhini Devi,

Rank 54, CSE 2016

I have been an ardent follower of Insights. I joined their Prelims test series in 2016 and 2017, and also the Mains test series in 2016. I could not read the India Year Book, Economic Survey last year before prelims but their test series covered these resources so thoroughly! Insight has always stood out for the way it has chosen to do things. And in many ways, they have led by example

- Mittali Sethi,

AIR 56, CSE 2016

Insights helped me a lot. I was a follower of the Secure Initiative , Weekly Essay Challenge as well as the online mains test series. I followed the secure questions almost everyday. Online test series was also helpful as it helped me create a whole question bank .

- Ayushi Sudan,

Rank 65, CSE 2016

I relied heavily on Insights Mains test series. I distinctly remember few questions were out of the test series. Insights has been an integral part of the journey for me, I truly respect the role Insights is playing. Especially for working candidates like me. Thanks Insights!

- Utkarsh Gupta,

Rank 78, CSE 2016

I liked Insight test series. INSIGHTS SECURE DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS QUESTIONS WERE VERY USEFUL. I used to practice them daily and it really helped

- Rohit Sissoniya,

Rank 93, CSE 2016

I followed Insights secure to ensure nothing important is getting missed out. Insights into editorial and Insights RSTV summary articles (presented in lucid manner) is something which should not be missed. Try to join test series with friends and write together

- Swarn Prabhat,

Rank 105, CSE 2016

The Mains test series was comprehensive and ensured that we touched on all topics. Since we were accustomed to write 10 answers in one hour, in the main exam I was able to finish the paper well in time. I was confident of clearing my mains

- Nikhil B,

Rank 107, CSE 2016

I must say that I benefitted by going through different posts, mindmaps, toppers’ strategy etc on insights. The secure programme, in particular, is extremely useful for mains preparation and for practicing answer writing. Keep up the good work and let me know if I could be of any help.

- Rajarshi Raj Verma,

Rank 120, CSE 2016

I would like to thank Insights for the role it played in my preparation, particularly through its test series. I was also an infrequent follower of the news analysis, mind maps, and other elements for use of aspirants. The work being done here for the benefit of aspirants is highly commendable!

- Garima Lekhwani,

Rank 136, CSE 2016

I scored Rank 152 in UPSC 2016 and “insightsonindia” has played an indispensable role in this. I feel very fortunate to have had access to the commendable guidance and study materials provided by them. I have immensely benefitted from daily current affairs, daily answer writing and most importantly from the Test Series.

- Suruchi Choudhury,

Rank 152, CSE 2016

The insights test series is extremely helpful for Reverse strategy which I employed in completing the syllabus by learning from my mistakes in test papers. I focused on the SECURE initiative of INSIGHTS. Even if you don’t get the time to write the answers, go through the model answers and prepare fodder for most of the contemporary events and revise your notes.

- Juhi Rai,

Rank 155, CSE 2016

I took insight tests and their revision tests regularly. I looked towards insights for clarity. And I joined mains online test series from insights and regularly solved questions at my home

- Aishwarya Sharma,

Rank 168, CSE 2016

Insights provides an excellent platform to ensure daily practice in the form of its Insights Secure thread, its current affairs portion and its regular quizzes. Consider the platform as the light to guide you through times of uncertainty pertaining to your preparation, portion coverage. I religiously followed Insights Test Series papers

- Aishwarya Dongre,

Rank 196, CSE 2016

I followed Insights secure series, Daily quiz and insights revision tests in addition to Insights full length tests. Solved Insights Mains test series and followed the schedule. Thanks Insights

- Yash Choudhary,

Rank 258, CSE 2016

Cover all Questions in insights either through writing on paper or making a rough outline of the answer. I attempted Insights online test series too followed Insights Secure 2016 religiously. Thank you Insights for everything I have achieved

- Suchismita Kanungoe,

Rank 261

Insights test series is very comprehensive and qualitative. The mains offline test series and regular discussions with fellow aspirants took me to the interview stage for three consecutive years.

- Kiran S,

Rank 310, CSE 2016

Insights people are genuine, integral and well intentioned. Joined Mains offline classes of Insights. I have improved as a person and I carry the self confidence to further improve with each passing day. For me preparation of this exam has brought about a tremendous change in my perspective and Insights will always remain an integral part of that process.Thank You Insights

- Utkarsh Gupta,

Rank 324, CSE 2016

Test series by INSIGHTS was very useful to me. It was my confidence booster. I managed to top 6 out of 8 of their full length tests at the offline center and was scoring in comfortable 150+ range. I had fun solving the paper and honestly I felt that I was solving another Insights paper in UPSC mains.

- Sharath Chandra Arroju,

RANK 425, CSE 2016



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